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Is Flash Design Really Necessary For Your Site

While surfing internet for design inspiration, I have come across some wonderful as well as poor Flash sites. Flash is a robust, media rich software, but unfortunately most of the web designers dont know its features. They make terrible mistakes and blame this user friendly software for everything.

Designers often wonder, should I use Flash or not? And if yes, then how? If you are afraid of Flash design due to SEO and page loading time, then let me assure you that there is nothing to worry. Its true that Flash has some limitations, but using a proper design strategy, you can overcome all the difficulties.

However, to get the answer of your question, you should consider the following points.

Animation Loading Time- Viewers love vector animation, but they dont like to wait too long to watch it. An animation should not take more than 30 seconds to download. Otherwise, users may simply skip the animation and all your hard work will go in vain. Besides that, animation can be monotonous for repeated visitors.

Therefore, you have to think of using it intelligently to retain regular visitors attention. For instance, you can attach navigational links to the dynamic intro for better user experience.

Do You Want to Make the Entire Site in Flash? – Designing an entire site in Flash is not an intelligent idea. Search engines cant scan the text content inside an animated site properly and hence, it can affect your ranking in SERPs. Besides that, search engines will also treat the website as a single page.

That is why, you should develop a HTML based site and use dynamic elements in certain places such as header, menu, logo etc.

Who is Your Target Audience and How Flash Can Please Them? – Your flash design must suit your target audiences taste. For instance, if you are offering online tax consultancy, then your audience would like to see more information and less animation effects. On the other hand, if you are developing a gaming website, people would love to see video, animation and other interactive elements.

How Frequently You Want to Update Content? – Blogs and news websites regularly update content and updating a dynamic blog/news site can be real difficult for newbie developers. Content needs to be placed inside text boxes, and the editing and uploading process is completely manual.

However, there is a solution of this problem. If you are an Actionscripting expert, you can utilize text files to automatically add text content to your site.

Testing Usability Is Essential- A dynamic website offers animation, video and several other high resolution elements. Unfortunately, web users across the world dont use high quality monitors.

A latest study showed that more than 50% computer users use 800600 resolution monitors. Hence, if you use a HD video, 50% viewers may not be able to see it properly. Besides that, people now access internet from tablets and smartphones and their screen resolution can vary from 128128 to mind boggling 20481536 pixel.

Therefore, you must check your site in different computer monitors, smartphones and tablets to make sure that it offers the same output in each device. Once you are happy with everything, upload the site.

Whatever you do, never sacrifice usability for the sake of visual beauty. Dynamic elements should make your website attractive and user friendly, not beautiful and complicated.

Flash is a wonderful, multimedia software, but it needs to be used carefully. If the target audience would like to see Flash elements in your site, then use it.

Many Reasons Why More Companies Prefer WordPress Development

There are a number of valid reasons for which, many people choose WordPress as their CMS development platform. Though, you can also get a large number of open source platforms, the different themes, tools, widgets, plugins and a number of other features are the major reasons behind most people choosing wordpress. Have a look at some of the specific advantages that this platform offers to its subscribers that encourage more and more people to opt for WordPress development.

Graphical Flexibility

The open source blogging tool called Word Press has a large number of themes that can be updated quite easily or edited for the purpose of customization. A number of pre-packaged themes of wordpress are ideal for the use of many developper. Any level of graphical flexibility that is available from WordPress is utilized properly simply by hiring the WordPress template designer. The WordPress designer helps you updating the static look of a website through simply accessing CSS and HTML files to make required changes in them. The template designer can create a customized theme right from scratch through the use of different template files. The theme structure adds flexibility to the design of the site.

Flexibility of Structure

WordPress allows you to have as many pages as you require, and they are even arranged maintaining a proper hierarchy. The system of multi-language support or the same for multiple domains are responsible for making the system quite favorable for systematic CMS development. WordPress allows all users adding customized content types.

Defined Roles of The User

Defined user role is one very beneficial feature of WordPress as it allows all users to have their defined roles. Presently, it supports three specific administrative roles for users who have the ability to draft content but hardly any platform to publish it. The users on wordpress can draft them and publish as well. It is also possible to create new roles with community contributed add-ons. Set the goal of the developer doing wordpress development in Vancouver for your company that the you can get the best possible kind of service from him.

Web 2.0 Functionality

Apart from being a dynamic CMS, it is also a very popular blogging tool. The web 2.0 functionality has made it quite popular among different users. Visitors might be allowed to post comments, or just register to create their personal blogs. Apart from them all, WordPress allows its users to use it as social networking platform through different add-on modules that let visitors create groups where they become each others friends. The users can also publish RSS feeds for content.

Apart from all these supports, The large community support and all other SEO friendly features make it quite a prominent platform for systematic CMS development. As features are concerned, WordPress is, loaded with them, but a layman cannot use the core structure of it that is necessary for smarter functionalities of a website. The service of a custom WordPress developer is required as an experienced developer that you get the best out of your very dynamic CMS platform. It is important to hire the services related to WordPress CMS development s from a very reputed company for wordpress development in Vancouver.

Authors Bio: Garry is a distinguished WordPress developer with almost 15 years of experience in the field of wordpress development. His articles and blogs can tell you a number of facts about wordpress development in Vancouver.

Gain Your Competitive Edge Today; Invest In Technology!

Gone are the days when simply using technology to help businesses gain popularity by leaps and bounds; in todays world, technology has become a necessity rather than a luxury or a frivolity or something that differentiates you from other brands. The key however is how you use this technology; assembling it and using it in a way that nobody else does can give you a competitive edge over your rivals. This article discusses how developing and using mobile apps has worked for several businesses in increasing their popularity and furthering their profits.

If you think about it, a decade ago things were much more concrete in nature than they are today. For example, signing up for a gym class took a lot more effort. You would have to visit the respective gym, fill out a form and pay your dues and be expected to show up every day 0f your class. For that matter, only certain classes would be offered, the more popular ones included cardio based exercises like aerobics. Now, signing up for gym class is more accessible and readily available. On your smart phone, you can download one of the many apps that let you decide what kind of work out you want, what your nearby options are and what the schedule for their classes is. This way, whatever gym, you are registered with; you can easily book or sign up for classes.

This little example has masterfully demonstrated how we use the internet to streamline our daily activities now. This trajectory also shows us another important aspect of our interactions: we spend more time online than on other media and consequently, most of our online time is spent using our smart phones and as a result, we spend a lot of time using online applications on our phones. This is how mobile apps have become so significant that it is difficult to ignore their importance. All these researches have quoted astonishing figures that are hard to overlook; in 2010, an average American was spending 24 minutes on their phone. In 2013, the average American was spending 2 hours and 21 minutes on their phone!

Naturally, then it is important for businesses to integrate online systems for marketing and functional purposes. Many businesses are now investing in developing specific apps for their products for a more personalized and easily accessible hold in their clients lives. Your app needs to fulfill specific criteria in order to be effective. The primary focus of the app should be to be helpful and not redundant; your app should make it easier to access the products or the services you are selling, providing relevant information and the tools necessary to purchase your services. Many companies then include other promotional offers that attract clients; it is a great idea for you to invest in a creative mobile apps designing company as it provides a great advantage.

Secondly, you need to decide what your business wants to offer to their clientele on their mobile phones. For example, a regular clothing company mobile app might not be that effective, but an app that provides you with a list of all clothing brands in the vicinity and the option to order from them will be a bigger success. Similarly, business owners need to determine their business needs in accordance with clientele needs and the people to help with that are creative mobile apps designing company in Dubai. A competitive edge these days is not just accomplished by integrating technology; it is gained by integrating relevant and effective technology, essentially staying a step ahead.

Software Development Services What, Why & How

Software development can also be called as application development, software design, designing enterprise application development or software application development. In common parlance, it is the development of a software product designed to ease a business process.

The terminology software development services refer to those activities which include computer programming, i.e. the process of scripting and sustaining the source code. However this term is much broader in its scope. Practically, software development services include the all those activities that are involved in the entire development process from where the general idea for the development of the desired software takes place through to the final demonstration of the software, in a sophisticated and well thought-out manner.

Developing Software

Software development is the foremost primary activity involved in the life cycle of a program. The process of software development usually adopted by software development companies goes through three major phases. They are:

The Planning Phase

The Implementation Phase

The Deployment Phase

Every software development company has to abide by the rules and international standards algorithm set by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Need for Software Development Services in Business

Software development services facilitate businesses by improving its efficiency to do more involving fewer amounts of resource and time. For instance, consider certain steps taken by companies in order to use software to automate things and get rid of putting everything on paper. Automatic documentation, transfer of files, reports, and figures can cut down time and money spent on printing services and allow for maximum time to be invested on doing things that are of importance from clients and sales point of view. Changes and conveniences like this have made spending money worth just as much as making money. Considering such improvements, software development India is continuously changing and evolving.

Software development is a highly complex and multifaceted task which requires years of leaning and experience to get mastery. Nevertheless, there are certain indispensable qualities that a software development company must possess – dedication, zeal and propensity to gain knowledge.

There are many other essential competencies that a software development company must have to survive in todays Information Technology market. These include the developers having multiple programming and design skills, an understanding of what is expected of finished programs, knowledge of design paradigms, and access to developer databases.

Software development might not require many developers, but it does require more competent developers and software development companies with skilled resources. Companies as well as individual professionals should enrich their talents so as to provide requisite software development services every time without fail. This will provide more stability and support for many types of companies that are into software development in India.

Moreover, special consideration should be given for logical way of thinking which is of utmost importance while providing software development services. It is highly recommended that one should be into continuous learning, even once one has achieved a place in the software development arena, to get success on this road to lifelong programming.