Magnetic GeneratorThe Best Way To Generate Home Energy Power

Magnets are all around us. They are used in a wide variety if household items and appliances and half the time, we don’t even realize that they are there. However, here’s a thought for you to consider – how about really making the most of magnetic power by building your own energy producing magnetic generator for your home.

This may sound like a crazy idea to you but then again maybe not. I don’t know your personal circumstances but I guess you’ve ended up on this page because you are researching ways to save home energy or you have already realized the fantastic benefits of magnetic energy and have considered building a magnetic generator for your home.

Either way, a magnetic generator is a super way to harness the power of magnets and generate a free, renewable and sustainable source of clean electricity for your home. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way to self generate electricity at home and there are some very good reasons for this.

Firstly, a magnetic generator is actually very easy to make. Regardless of DIY experience, they are really easy to build and install and they do not require you to have any in-depth knowledge of wiring or building legislation. You don’t have to go solo on your solar generator project either. Two or three minds are better than one so an even better idea would be to get a few friends around, pop open a cold beer or two and you’ve cracked it.

Magnetic generators are also quick to build. If you have someone helping you out, you could have your generator built within a day but its better not to rush your project as you need to get it right in order to get the maximum benefit out of your panels. You could certainly have one built over the period of a weekend without a problem.

All of the parts and materials required for your magnetic generator can be found at almost any good hardware store so don’t worry too much about what’s required. You can consider recycled or second hand parts but be careful not to compromise quality. If built correctly your generator should provide electricity for years to come so I would recommend new parts only to ensure optimum performance.

Now here’s the best part – you can build and install your home made magnetic energy generator for under $100. If the wife or girlfriend has a problem with this, here’s what you should point out.

By installing a magnetic energy generator in your home, you will generate your own free electricity year on year, thus cutting you electric bill by upto 60%. How much money will this save you? Well that depends on the size of your property of course, it’s different for everyone.

You could have hundreds of dollars extra in your pocket every month which means more money for you to do whatever you like with. More importantly however, more money for the wife to go shopping with!