Web Design Trends To Know Before 2017

Crystal Gazing into the Web Design Trends of 2017

Every online business desires to build a lasting presence online with the help of attractive, scalable, and easily navigable websites. Business websites determine the credibility of an enterprise, provide a mechanism to engage better with prospective leads, and act as around- the- clock salesperson for the business.

Even statistics seem to weigh in heavily towards the multiple advantages of a well-designed website. Nearly 48% of users cited web designs to be the most crucial factor while deciding the importance and credibility of an enterprise. Take a closer look and you will find 94% of web visitors rejecting or abandoning a site simply because of its design and layout.

These stats clearly reflect the significance and importance of web designs. As a site owner, its amongst your prime responsibilities to choose visually stunning layouts for your business website.

Shift in trends

The web design industry happens to be a dynamic one. Trends keep on changing and new trends emerge with the drop of a hat. Innovative concepts, exciting techniques, and unique tools get introduced each new day-all geared towards driving more revenues from the online channel. Quite naturally, such continuous shifts in trends push creative minds towards devising new web design strategies every day.

With 2016 heading towards an exciting end, its high time to uncover what the next year has in store for web developers and business owners. As we get prepared for 2017, lets explore the upcoming web design trends.

Whats in store?

If 2016 offered unique opportunities and possibilities to the web design industry, 2017 promises to be even brighter. With the Mobilegeddon update heralding the ubiquitous presence of responsive web designs in 2015-2016, the coming year will surely bring something new and more innovative.
Lets take a look at some of the unique web design trends and concepts expected to trend quite soon.

1. Semi-flat designs

With Windows introducing its proprietary Metro-style, the entire web design world fell head-over-heels in love with this particular design trend. However, flat designs had their fair share of problems and issues.

It was after a lot of corrections and tweaking that the semi-flat design trend came into existence. Here are some of the exclusive benefits of this particular design trend:

1.Subtle shadows

2.Well-thought and perfectly planned transitions

3.Innovative cards

It is because of these features that semi-flat designs are projected to be the unprecedented rulers of the web design arena in 2017. These features are also capable of enhancing the usability of your websites. Since it comes without issues associated with flat designs, we are expecting to see more of it.

2.The Art of Storytelling

Pretty, beautiful, and attractive websites look almost the same. However, its the experience offered by them that makes all the difference. Web developers and Web design and developement are investing time and efforts to create stunning visual experiences. Although storytelling through a website happens to be a tough endeavor, its not something you cant achieve.

With amazing graphics, professional content, and highly interactive navigation, web developers can build great websites coming up with engaging stories.

3.Customized illustrations

When it comes to creating illustrations and icons, web designers usually rely on the standard or stock images. However, 2017 will popularize a unique approach. Web designers and developers are increasingly warming up to the concept of customized illustration and icons.

With custom illustrations, you will have the opportunity to impart an amazing appearance and exceptional visual appeal to your website. According to expert predictions, 2017 will witness numerous developers and designers adopting the customized design revolution. That will help them create a distinctive niche amidst a group of cookie-cutter sites.

4.Amazing use of grids

Creative grid designs and layouts are also amongst the emerging design trends of 2017. While working with grid layouts and designs, most of the web designers find it difficult to deal with the image stacking. However, thats not a serious problem.

Viewers can hover on a particular image thus making its z-index shift and bring the image to the top of the stack. Grid web designs happen to be an exciting way to break the monotonous style and systematic layout of responsive websites.

5.Parallax Adoption

Those wishing to offer immersive experiences to their site visitors will surely welcome parallax with open arms. As one of the unique design trends for creating site backgrounds, parallax successfully creates an illusion.
With this amazing effect, your sites background will move at a distinctive and different speed compared to the other areas of your web page. Emerging technologies and innovations will surely bring some new additions to Parallax. In 2017, web designers and site owners can expect great performances from parallax design trends.

6.The emergence of cinemagraphs

When it comes to imparting an attractive, mystique, and special touch to your website designs, nothing works better than Cinemagraphs. Since they dont consume as much bandwidth as videos, its quite easy to include them while creating web layouts.

7.Say L for Lazy Loading

The term might invoke contradicting thoughts in your mind, as fast loading happens to be a prime requisite in web development projects. As an innovative design concept in 2017, Lazy Loading offers immediate viewing of content. Visitors wont have to wait for the entire page-loading period, and can instantly gain access to latest new feeds.

If you are building websites that offer instant Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, Lazy Loading design trends will be the best design style for you.
Split or Centered contents

Centered content happens to be the most appropriate style for home pages. The text happens to be at the central position surrounded by smooth textures and stunning visuals. Quite obviously, centered content layouts will add more substance and value to your website.

This was our compilation of the major trends that may unfold in 2017. Do let us know which another trend will catch on in the world of web design.