Web Development Newbie Nightmare-Unravelled

Let’s face it web development may be a simple task for the geeks in this world (may they inherit the earth) but for the rest of us it’s horribly confusing. If you’d prefer a root canel prior to ever having to hear the the terms C-Panel, Fantastico Deluxe or file transfer protocol then you’ve come to the right place.

For the newbie web development is about 90% technical skill and 10% creative. Why? Now please don’t take offense to what I’m going to say, but your web development skills (or lack there-of) are because you’re consciously incompentent. This means you know you can’t do this and at seemingly every turn your lost. Here’s the good news…it’s OK…it means you have a pulse (which is good thing) it also means your not a geek. Look, shout out to all the geeks…I really do love you…seriously…but your ability to just casually “get it” just ticks me and the rest of those reading this off!

Conscious incompetence…an interesting concept. Doesn’t sound like I’d like to be that way for long. Don’t worry, you won’t…keep reading. Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike? You were constantly one small pebble away from a wipe out! You knew you couldn’t ride that bike and it took all your concentration to keep it on two wheels. That’s conscious incompetence! That’s where you are with respect to your almost non-existant web development skills. In short, you know your terrible but way down deep you know you have web development skills just waiting to be tapped.

The next phase beyond conscious incompetance is conscious competence. Simply stated, this is when you barely know how to ride the bike or in this case it takes every cell in your being to develop anything remotely resembling a web site.

Beyond conscious competence, is unconscious competence. This is when you hop on your bike and just ride…not thinking about balance or crashing. Why? Because you have entered the unconsciouly competant zone. Remember above when I mentioned web site development for the consciously incompetent newbie is 90% technical and 10% creative? For the unconsciously compentent semi-newbie this ratio drops quickly to 50:50. Soon…with a few months…the ratio will flip…with web site development requiring 10% technical skills or I should say conscious skills…since most of your technical skills will be automatic…unconsciouly competent. This leave your creative side 90% freedom to do what you love…namely, create…and do your thing.

Those looking to learn web site development, from the basics to the advanced are often looking for some sort of structure. Many times the training is very expensive and has limited opportunities for the student to ask questions. Also, there’s not only the challenges of web site development but then comes search engine optimization, links…you know the drill. Hey if any of this sounds familiar I feel your pain. Honestly, I am now somewhere between conscious incompetance and conscious competence. One day I aim to be unconsciously competant. Until then I can either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh and listen closely to those that understand the keys to website development. It’s a process, sort of a labor of love. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully this article gave you a smile.

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