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The Basic Duties of the Parts of Industrial Air Compressors

Most industrial air compressors have commercial purposes attached to them. These are used by people like contractors, woodworkers and mechanics. These industries majorly use positive displacement compressors. The size of the space that contains air is reduced in order to increase the pressure. All the parts of air compressors have their duties. The parts have either one or more duties in ensuring the performance of the air compressor is on point. The fact that you are going to use an air compressor in your company is important that you understand the different parts and their important duties. The knowledge is a good way to ensure that air compressors are used effectively and efficiently.

The management of the power in the compressor should be the first thing that you understand. There are electric motors in industrial air compressors. The compressor pump receives power from the electric motor. The pump piston will receive power if only the motor drives the two belts and the pulley. It is through the flywheel and the crank shaft that this will take place. Now that the compressor pump is mentioned, it is important to know how it is important to the air compressor. In most cases, industrial air compressors have two or more pump cylinders. The industrial air undergoes two stages of compression. The larger low pressure cylinder come first before the high pressure cylinder.

The pressure switch is a main part of the industrial air compressors. The function of the switch is to shut down the motor when the pressure reaches the set limit. The switch then is responsible for turning it on when the pressure is used to a pre-set level. Air that has already been compressed can be stored in a tank known as the receiver. The inlet of the tank will have a check valve. Compressed air is prevented from flowing in to the compressor pump by the check valve. These parts are mostly important for the performance of the industrial air compressor.

Some parts are accessories responsible to ensure that the functioning of the compressor is on point. For safety functioning, an industrial air compressor will need a safety valve. This is a very important part in ensuring that the air compressor has a safe performance. It is important function is to safely regulate the flow of substances.

Other than that, there are the drain valve accessories. These are important in removing the condensate from the air system. Still it ensures that there is no much compressed air removed. They also are important in ensuring that there is no overloading in the drain valves. Damages to the air compressor are therefore reduced. When the pumps break, it is the shuttle valve that protects the air compressor.

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