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The number of people using their mobile phones and tablet computers to surf the Internet increases daily. Like everything else, the Internet becomes as mobile web, and mobile devices is increasingly popular with business owners all over the world. More than half a billion people use their mobile phones to connect to the Internet and many of them use their cell phones to do so. So, yes, there is a wide public to explore if you are designing a mobile website.
However large or small company, it tries to launch a mobile version of its website. It’s time for website designers to start designing for the mobile web. Before you start designing for the mobile web, you must study a little about Mobile website design. This will help you stay ahead of your rivals.
Mobile web design is basically the design of a website on a smaller scale. The most common operating systems for the mobile web is Android, iPhone platform, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, Linux Mobile, BlackBerry and Palm OS.
The most common in mobile browsers are Opera Mobile (or Opera Mini), the Android browser, Safari for iPhone, BlackBerry browser, Internet Explorer Mobile, WebOS browser.
Some mobile phones and tablets can show a site made for desktop computers very well while others may not. There could be other problems such as smaller screens on some cell phones. You can not show a complete desktop site on a small mobile phone screen.
When it comes to coding, there are three common codes for browsers like – Gecko, WebKit and proprietary code. To understand the code that would be most appropriate for your site, you need to know what your mobile visitors will be looking for. All mobile devices have screens of similar size. Keep in mind this fact and you will be able to design a site that would fit all types of mobile devices.
Advantage of mobile web design.
The number one advantage is mobility. Most people access the net on the road. So if you can provide relevant information they seek on the road, you’ll be able to get more business.
Mobile means you can get more visitors outside office users.
With the design of mobile website, you can go beyond website design and industry in the creation of applications and software exclusively for mobile devices.
Disadvantage of mobile web design.
Small size of the screen. This is the biggest drawback. Because of the smaller screen, users are not able to see the visual effects, and parts of the web pages where you may have put some important content. If major parts of your web pages as application forms, or account display the buttons are hidden from the view of your potential customers, how can you expect them Stay tuned for more?
Sometimes, depending on the connection, some mobile phones are time to load than other web pages. This can have disastrous consequences for e-commerce sites. These sites are loaded with product details, pictures and stock options. If you have an ecommerce site, you need to consider this and corrected accordingly.
Interactivity is another major obstacle for mobile websites. Scroll through a data entry form takes a lot of time on mobile sites and put the information in the form is an even slower process. This situation worsens on touchscreen phones.
Flash is another question you need to be careful. Although you can embed Flash video in mobile websites, it’s time to slow loading sites.
Finally, keep in mind that mobile phones and tablets are evolving at a rapid pace, so you should always be aware of new trends and technological developments. This would save your effort and investment to go to waste.
Have a little courage and set sail. It’s time to enter the mobile network market. A good mobile web design provide a pleasant user experience. So do not procrastinate.